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Horns from Heaven

Turbo 2 Action cob stallion - White resin ready to prep and paint LTD EDITION

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Meet Turbo 2 the action cob stallion.

He will be released in a few sizes

Traditional (pony scale - shown in the photos next to a trad Breyer horse) LTD to 10

Traditional (Horse scale - pre order 8-12 weeks) LTD to 5

Classic - open edition

large stablemate (Shown in the photos next to the Trad pony scale) - Open edition

They are made of White tough abs resin. With extra thick walls - the pony version weighs the same as the Breyer medieval knight shown on the scales and the horse size version will be heavier.

stablemate version is solid.

As with all resins they will require prep work.

They come to you as shown in the photos (No work has been done in these images).












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