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Horns from Heaven

Flexible Unicorn horn for real horse / Pony Rainbow Sea Inspired

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Do you dream of Unicorns? This Unicorn horn will turn your horse or Pony into a real life Unicorn.

These are my uniquely flexible horns, They are much more damage resistant than my standard horns and are made with safety in mind. This is the Rainbow version and each one is Unique so no two are the same.

These horns are uniquely detailed and come in 3 different sizes so you are sure to find one to fit your horse or pony. Each horn comes with a Unique diamond shaped base. The base attaches to the horn allowing you to attach the horn to a bridle with elastic or garden wire. It can also be used Bridle free with just elastic. 

The sizes:

38cm: Full / Heavy horse

29cm: Cob / Pony

20cm: Shetland / Minature horse



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