Resin care / Prep

Thank you for you purchase of a Resin from Horns from Heaven.

All of our models are finished to the highest standards possible before posting.

I wanted to share my process with you and give some hints and tips on prep work and care for your model.

Each model is:

  • Printed with the highest quality ABS resin
  • Drain holes added to the file before printing to allow excess resin to escape
  • washed in an IPA bath to clean excess resin inside and out
  • cured with a UV lamp 
  • Sun cured for an extra two weeks to ensure dryness inside and out
  • a UV lamp is inserted in the model to make sure they are fully cured inside
  • drain holes and support marks are then filled and sealed
  • model is sanded
  • model then shipped

This is how the model looks on its supports fresh from the printer.

The models are cured inside and out. To insure they are cured thoroughly inside a uv lamp is inserted into each model and left to cure for at least a day. While the outside of the model cures under and extremely high powered UV lamp. (This can be seen along with the inside curing of every model that is sent on my YouTube channel. Link below) you can see the UV lamp curing inside the horses head in this photo, and the abdomen of the other models.

Once cured the model has support marks and a drain hole on the belly and possibly other locations depending on the file.

Drain holes are filed with liquid resin and cured with a UV torch. Liquid resin leaves some shiny marks. If you see shiny marks on your model this is normal and not to worry about. (See image below)

This is then sanded to remove where the drain hole has been filled. As you can see in the image below the mark has now disappeared.

The rest of the support marks are now sanded with 600 grit sandpaper and are mostly removed. 

Any marks that remain are filled with Fine filler and then re-sanded.


There will still be a small amount of prep work to do on your model and small bits of sanding and filling as with all resins. 

Tools for prep work:

60 grit sandpaper

fine sandpaper

Fine filler (Tetrion works fantastically)


On the odd occasion (Very rare) a resin may "sweat" in the post (Do not panic) if it has had no air for a while in the box (Most people will mistake this for the resin not being cured properly but this is not the case). This may leave leave the model with some small sticky marks and the model may have become soft (Again very rare) . This is a very easy fix:

Wash your model in warm water with a washing up liquid

Place in the sunlight and your model with re-harden.

This does not affect the durability of the resin in anyway or the application of paint. 

Taking care of your resin:

While the resin is durable, Please do not try to squeeze or bend your model if he seems soft upon opening. He will harden up in the air.

If you have any issues with your model or would like any advice. Please contact me first. I am based in the UK so there will likely be a time zone difference so please allow 24 hours for a response. 

I will always replace  any model that arrives damaged. (This does happen on occasion as much as i wrap them securely).


I upload all items shipped with 4k video and photographs to my youtbue channel: